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Offers a wide range of life, health, home, auto, travel, wealth and reinsurance advice and solutions, as well as creditor and business insurance services to individual, business and group clients. RBC Insurance is the brand name for the insurance operating entities of Royal Bank of Canada, which is one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies. Among the largest Canadian bank-owned insurance organizations, RBC Insurance has approximately 2,500 employees who serve more than four million clients globally. We have a significant presence in individual life and health insurance markets with a product portfolio that includes various life, critical illness and disability insurance solutions. We are one of the only companies to have a simplified process for purchasing up to $500,000 of term life insurance. We offer a comprehensive range of group life, disability, health and dental coverage options and flexible features to provide tailored protection for small to medium-sized businesses with two or more employees. For business owners, we provide access to key person, buy sell and business overhead expense insurance. We offer a variety of home and auto insurance solutions for individuals and groups, along with RBC Private Insurance - a comprehensive risk protection package designed on an individual basis (which are distributed by RBC Insurance Agency Ltd. and underwritten by Aviva General Insurance Company.) We are a leading provider of emergency assistance services and travel insurance, offered through many channels, including RBC Royal Bank, select credit cards, airline partners, online, RBC Insurance stores and an advice centre. We continue to expand our wealth management offerings, which include segregated funds and payout annuities, to meet our clients’ guaranteed savings, retirement and estate planning needs. provides administrative support services for the creditor insurance products offered to RBC Royal Bank personal and business clients. These include life, disability and critical illness insurance for mortgages, personal loans, business loans and RBC Royal Bank credit card balances. We offer a Family Friendly Pricing™ program, with savings for those who purchase coverage for their home and vehicles, along with term life insurance, through RBC Insurance. We provide a Group Annuity—a defined benefit de-risking solution for pension plan sponsors looking to transfer risk away from their bottom line while taking care of their employees’ retirement. For more information, see RBC Insurance at a Glance. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Insurance is the brand name for the insurance operating entities, comprising RBC Insurance Agency Ltd., RBC Life Insurance Company, RBC Insurance Company of Canada, RBC Insurance Services Inc. Home and Auto insurance products are distributed by RBC Insurance Agency Ltd. For LICAT information, see RBC LICAT Ratios Summary. and underwritten by Aviva General Insurance Company. Rbc advice centre royal bank of canada sign in If you're a client, sign into Online Banking and send us a message. What Is The RBC Bank Routing Institution, or ABA Number? How Do I Send a Wire Transfer? How Do I Dispute an Electronic Fund Transfer Transaction? Check balances, transfer money or search for transactions by phone, 24/7. Enroll through RBC Bank Online Banking, or call 1-800. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an automated call, you may contact RBC 1-800-769-2512 1-800-769-2512. Credit Card Activation. An Advice Centre agent can help you with the activation of a replacement or reissue credit card and can arrange to have the credit card delivered to you. Never include personal or confidential information in a regular email. To discuss your personal information with us safely, send us a message via the RBC Royal Bank Online Banking message centre or one of our other secure message centres. RBC will never ask you to provide, confirm or verify personal, login or account information through regular email or ask you to sign in to any online service. If you receive an email of this type, that appears to be from RBC, please forward it to information.security@and then delete it. For more information please visit Email & Website Fraud. As recognized in the 2018 Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey, 2017 Global Private Banking Awards, 2017 Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards and the 2016 Family Wealth Report Awards.

For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. Put our award-winning global network to work for you. Vice President & Director, Head RBC Wealth Management Services “In a time when answers to virtually every question are just a click away, people are unfortunately ignoring the fact that opinion is not the same as reputable expertise and advice. The value of proper wealth-management guidance cannot be overstated, as it encompasses your entire financial situation at each life stage.” View profile President and CEO of RBC Royal Trust “Seniors are the fastest growing age group in Canada. In 2011, five million Canadians were 65 or older, a number that will double in the next 25 years. As this number increases along with life expectancy, so do the complexities associated with aging, including health-related issues.” View profile Chief Economist RBC Global Asset Management Inc. “In retrospect, the decision to deliver fiscal stimulus during the worst of the economic downturn was inspired. Not only have bond markets reacted well, but international evidence has also congealed around the conclusion that every dollar borrowed generated two in economic benefits. So far, so good.” View profile using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. First had to answer questions about the type of person I am and then I had to answer questions about my qualifications. Rbc advice centre rbc strandherd The typical RBC Banking Advisor- Advice Centre salary is $36,927. Banking Advisor- Advice Centre salaries at RBC can range from $36,208 - $40,863. This estimate is based upon 7 RBC Banking Advisor- Advice Centre salary reports provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. RBC has a powerful story to tell about its 150 years of existence. TechTO January The Power of Being an Outlier, Making a Difference & Staying Connected. January 20, 2020. The first TechTO of 2020 emphasized the importance of being unique, doing business with purpose, and building strong relationships. The “Unlike Any Other Scholarship. If you're a client, sign into Online Banking and send us a message. What Is The RBC Bank Routing Institution, or ABA Number? How Do I Send a Wire Transfer? How Do I Dispute an Electronic Fund Transfer Transaction? Check balances, transfer money or search for transactions by phone, 24/7. Enroll through RBC Bank Online Banking, or call 1-800. At RBC we are committed to providing our clients with services that meet their diverse needs. Listed below are our contact numbers and links, and additional information on some of our available banking services. RBC has been using automated call technology as a simpler and faster way to contact our clients. We try providing our clients with the information they need in the fastest possible way with little to no inconvenience as we are committed to providing you with the best client experience. Although we stand by our decision to use automated call technology, we do understand that this may not be the preferred method of contact for all clients. If receiving an automated call is not your preferred method of contact, simply contact RBC 1-800-769-2512 and we will work with you in determining what other options may be available to you. We appreciate your business and put your needs first. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an automated call, you may contact RBC 1-800-769-2512 and an Advice Centre agent will be pleased to assist you. You can also bring your credit card package to an RBC branch and an RBC employee will assist you with the activation of your credit card. We now offer for our Credit Card Clients a Braille sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the card that will assist in identifying the card in their wallet. This is now offered for all clients who choose a Chip and Signature option on their credit card products. It can be ordered at any time from both our branch or by calling 1-800-769-2511 . We continue to evaluate innovative technologies to bring cards that offer better accessibility features. To order a copy of the Benefits Guide or Certificate of Insurance in Braille, large print, accessible PDF, CD or audio format, please call 1-800-769-2597 . For a copy of your credit card agreement in accessible PDF format, please visit our Credit Card Documentation page. The sticker will be located on the top right hand corner of the card. This will assist clients with identifying the Client Card easily in their wallet.